The sweet and delicate scent of the Lily of the Valley Fragrance is a soothing 'white' and feminine fragrance which has soft floral undertones and is a pure, clean scent. Burn in your room on a cool spring afternoon, letting the Lily of the Valley fragrance float on the breeze and allow yourself to rest and restore your inner balance.


Tisza Bases with Knob Lid


Tisza Base with timeless knob lid in clear glass


  • Offers a great value option for container candle production
  • Constructed with silicone lid stopper for secure, but seamless usage.


Traditional Look. With its rounded knob lid and straight sides, the Tisza Base provides a traditional and appealing look.


Wax Quantity: Approx. Small 50 grams / Medium 150 Grams / Large 250 Grams

Glass Weight: 195 grams

Burn Time: Approx. Small 24Hours / Medium 45Hours / Large 60Hours (Soy Wax)


Made from 100% Natural Soy Wax.


TCR wick is made from pure cotton intertwined with a twisted thread of paper. No chemicals used. These wicks are not bleached, nor treated with any substance such as chlorine. The excellent burn profile which prevents from mushrooming and sooting and minimises smoke is ensured by the top quality cotton used in the process and the particular structure of the wick with its core surrounded by an external supportive jacket.


All Candles are made with Pure Highly concentrated Oils, each candle is handcrafted.

Lily of the Valley

SKU: SC022
  • Handmade Fragranced candles made with 100% Soy Wax.  We only use Highly concentrated Oils with all Products.  All products are handmade and checked prior to being packed and sent out for delivery.